Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It's Summer! And we are all home...

It's that time of year.  We slowly recover from the last month of school and begin dreaming of those things we are going to do "next year."  In our house, summer means we are ALL home.  My husband is a teacher too, and while it is an amazing gift and blessing to have time as a family...things can get a little crazy being together 24/7.  Hubby teaches middle school, and with all the challenges of those kids, sometimes our own kids are so much harder to deal with. 

The first week or two of break we always head out to our family cabin (also known as super cheap vacation spot--we are both teachers remember?)  The boys spend time running in the woods and playing at the lake while we get a chance to relax without a house full of chores to do.  It's always a great trip and we always have fun.

Then we come home....and we are all on each other's nerves.  Took me 5 years to figure this one out, but since we are on a tight budget, I put the two biggest boys in 1/2 day Lego camps on different weeks!  Then we get quality time with the other two and the big boys don't fight all day.  Success!

This summer I also got the two big boys to peruse Pinterest with me and find a schedule and some activities they liked.  We aren't home everyday, but when we are they need a routine.  When they are busy, I don't have to be the referee so much.  Here is what we came up with.

Sorry for the lousy photos, but we were making notes and I just ran with it.  Yes, I had to resist the urge to make it cute on the computer.

This was really helpful and made everyone less stressed.  It's funny how we do things in our classroom, and then don't do the same things at home.  Kids are kids, and they love structure and routine.  Mine included.  I'll leave you with a pic of the wild three. 

They are rocking the tie dye shirts their awesome Aunti made for them.  Thanks Aunti!!

~ Enjoy the sun!  Lara

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